Dance as a tool

Dance as a tool, is a class or workshop for training and well - being.


Dance as a tool, is a class or workshop for training and well – being.

Aiming at a wide range of groups, such as; school and university students; primary and secondary school teachers; seniors (of a certain and uncertain age);

groups with learning difficulties; athletes and dance practitioners; business companies. A useful tool for people of all types and ages who wish to remain in shape and live a healthy life; among which is included audience and dance fans.

The objective of the course is to introduce participants to a vision of movement for   and from everyday life related to artistic forms; but used for our benefit in knowledge, health and our well – being.

Dance is essentially a consciousness, dwelling within the body heart and mind.

A movement with meaning and emotion, offering many options for personal growth, to stay in shape or to communicate; opening space for analysis, joy and fantasy which can empower us.

In fact, without being aware, we are all destined to dance throughout our lives; we habitually focus on the body or the intellect, neglecting our emotions and sensations.

The right intention would be to link all three, body, mind and emotion.

Simultaneously, during the course, we will be introducing movement as an art form, sharing a dream in an awakened state. But, without the intention of being professional artists, just using the potential of art in a more general and humanistic sense, of which we are speaking.

During the course we will share ideas and practice accessible exercises, which will allow us to move into this psychophysical experience in an analytical, experiential and playful way.

This introduction opens the possibility for participants to become aware of their movement and integrate it into their lives, either by themselves- as a daily personal routine; or in group activities as regular practice.

It is essential to introduce into society – especially in the hard core of education and at work – the possibilities of experiencing life from the body, emotion and mind. Ideally, from time to time we should set aside chairs, study or work tables and continue studying, working and communicating from this perspective.

We should use dance and other disciplines linked to movement, for a better life.

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