Sense Fi Conquassabit (2009)

To be Premiered 16th of April 2009 Teatre Lliure, Barcelona

Ficha técnica

Choreography /director
Cesc Gelabert

Pascal Comelade – George Friedrich Haendel

Stage scenery
Llorenç Corbella

Lydia Azzopardi

Mingo Albir

Daniel Corrales, Júlia Cortés, Cesc Gelabert, Virginia Gimeno, Robert Gómez, Manon Greiner, Elia López, Salvador Masclans, Alberto Pineda, Charles Washington

With the collaboration of
Teatre Auditori Sant Cugat / Auditorio del Palacio de Congresos de Huesca


The new production is composed of two new works by Cesc Gelabert, for ten dancers, and himself.

Sense fi is immersed in the world of paradoxical contradiction and poetically described by Gelabert as an “internal journey” no different to the journey in looking and waiting for the future. Like Samuel Beckett, Gelabert sees the world of waiting as an experience in which we veer from an unchanging world to an ever changing world. This journey of two destinations allows his character to build dreams at the crossroads in the labyrinth where desire and memory meet.

The music is a comissioned score by Pascal Comelade.

Conquassabit, to Handel’s vocal and instrumental music, is a study of acceleration and stillness – relates to the debt our self-representing era owes to the baroque period. Rather than using complete pieces of Handel’s work, it mixes vocal and instrumental fragments and subjects them to the demands of a growing rhythmic pulse beating to an accelerating rhythm. The tempo shakes and ends up in pieces: conquassabit tempus (“it will shatter the tempo”).

Just like a hurricane, its structure has three stages: (the first stage of a hurricane is) the intense gale which can absorb or destroy whatever is in its path; then the calm, swollen centre; followed by the second dense strong wind (or second stage of the hurricane) which blows away or drags, anything in its path.

In the eye of the hurricane is the calm of the storm; in the heart of the storm, a peace; in the heart of the unease, a slowness. The centre of the cyclone, the “eye of the hurricane”, can be found in this interval of quiet…


  • Teatre Lliure
  • Gelabert Azzopardi
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