Psitt!! Psitt!! Caravan (2005)

Premiered March 2005 Teatre Lliure Barcleona

Ficha técnica

Psitt!! Psitt!!

Pascal Comelade

P. Comelade G. Meloux O. Marques E. Tozoni

Lighting design
Baltasar Patiño

Lydia Azzopardi



Compilation of music by
Chet Baker Dr. John
The Neville Brothers Lester Bowie
M. Semé E. Pantoja E. Altaba

Lighting design
Baltasar Patiño

Lydia Azzopardi


75′ (15′ of interval included)


PSITT!! PSITT!! is created on a comissioned score composed by Pascal Comelade (piano and orchestration) and is a special tribute to Erik Satie. The piece focuses on the specific “character instructions” that Satie wrote for his performers, not for purposes of technique, but to influence their mood and change their rational ideas and prejudices by means of unusual, poetic messages, suffused with his gentle , surrealistic humour.
This music gives rise to the choreography, whose spirit exudes the same joyful melancholy and the same humour of Comelade’s music.


CARAVAN whose title originates from the composition by Duke Ellington, charts the arrival of the dancers in an unfamiliar, uncertain setting, where they find themselves without any point of reference. The choreography sets out to create an atmosphere and to establish relationships through the dancers and the lighting alone.

The music is a collage with two recurring elements: trumpet and keyboards. A subtle backdrop of jazz, soul and ballads such as Lester Bowie’s Travelling light, Dr. John’s version of Caravan, Aaron Neville’s Tell it like it is and Chet Baker’s My Funny Valentine, a solo performed by Cesc Gelabert.

The entire piece is a celebration of the individuality and the different personality of each dancer as they contemplate their bodies and their identity with that curious combination of perplexity, moments of certain madness, innocence and irony, which characterises the choreographies of Gelabert Azzopardi.


2006 Premi Ciutat de Barcelona 2005 por Psitt!! Psitt!! (coreografia, música, vestuario)
2006 Premios Max de las Artes Escénicas a Cesc Gelabert como Mejor Interprete 2005
2006 Premi FAD Aplaudiment Sebastià Gasch 2005-2006 a Lydia Azzopardi por el diseño del vestuario de Psitt!! Psitt!! y Caravan
2007 Premi Públics d’Arts Escèniques de Tarragona a Psitt!! Psitt!! – Viene regando flores desde la Habana a Morón como mejor espectáculo de danza presentado en Tarragona en el 2006


  • Teatre Lliure
  • Gelabert Azzopardi
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