KI (2010)

4.6.2010 Yamaga Japan

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Ficha técnica

Concept and Direction Frederic Amat i Cesc Gelabert
Choreographer Cesc Gelabert
Stage design and costumes Frederic Amat
Musical assessor Kanjuro Fujima VIII
Performers  Cesc Gelabert, Katsura Kan i Tomohiko Tsujimoto
Musicians  Tomoé Umeya, Seika Shimamura, Taiju Mochizuki, Chiharu Housei, Isoichiro Yoshimura, Miki Hagioka i Shino Hagioka
Lighting designer  Sam Lee
Assistant to choreographer  Toni Jodar
Complition of costumes César Olivar
Headwear  Nina Pawlowsky
Added electronic music  Andrés Lewin-Richter
Video editor  Joan Rodón
Production  Hisashi Itoh
Executive producer  Elsinor
Images Frederic Amat


To mark the centenary of the Yachiyoza Theatre, which specialises particularly in kabuki, the City of Yamaga invited the Grec Festival to co-produce a show, providing the ideal opportunity for an experience in fusion that brings together the artist Frederic Amat and the dancer/ choreographer Cesc Gelabert with the butoh dancer Katsura Kan and the contemporary dancer Tomohiko Tsujimoto. The show propose a structure based on concentric circles in which, like ripples made by a stone thrown into a pool, one image evokes the next.


  • Coproducción Grec 2010 Festival de Barcelona / Yachiyoza Centenary Committee, Japan.
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