Dirty hands and beauty – Biennale Danza 2015 Venezia

Campo Sant'Angelo Biennale di Venezia 25.06.2015

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Ficha técnica

Choreography: Cesc Gelabert
Music: Borja Ramos
Dancers: Elena Ajani, Savina Casarin, Giulia D’Antiga, Samuel Nicola Fuscà, Silvia Giordano, Annalisa Luise, Giulia Pardi
Production: La Biennale di Venezia


Dirty hands and beauty is one of the projects of the Biennale Danza 2015 di Venezia.

Based on a fragment of the book by Paul Auster, Winter Journal, the project was inspired by the idea of a kaleidoscope, a rapid sequence of mental images of all those things that we have touched with our hands throughout our lifetimes; probably some of the most beautiful and some of the most disgusting things that have happened to us. Beauty, hands and filth, as concepts, and the entire range that develops between them, with its ambiguities, a filthy beauty, beautiful filth.

I believe that a movement becomes dance when it exists in our conscience, simultaneously, from within the body, the emotions and the mind. In the course of my professional career, I have always sought a model of dancer. Today, one might almost say that there are as many as there are dancers, or not a one.

In a project that takes places within an educational context, Biennale College – Danza, I am attracted by this play of opposites; I hope that it will allow us to share knowledge and experience, that it will at least allow us to pretend that there really are universal models. At the same time, I hope that we will be able to share and to explore, hands-on, our own visions and experiences.

That is why I believe that Venice, so full of contrasts, is the ideal venue; I wonder how many thousands of hands, in this city, have touched beauty and filth.

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