Premiered Teatre Lliure Montjuïc, 24 mayo 2012

Ficha técnica

Coreography and dance
Cesc Gelabert

Lydia Azzopardi

Original music
Borja Ramos

Other music
Frederic Mompou, Prince Buster All Stars, Miguel Matamoros, Richard Rodgers – Lorenz Hart

Played by
Ensemble Kuraia

Lighting design
Cesc Gelabert y Conxa Pons

With the collaboration of
Conservatorio de Música Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga Musika Kontserbatorioa y Ensemble Kuraia

With the participation
Institut Municipal d’Acció Cultural de Mataró



Cesc Gelabert presents a new show that includes the first performance of 3 solos and the reinterpretation of old pieces especially for this occasion. A glance at the past from a present that looks towards the future.

The dancer introduces the different pieces with brief comments, be these references from the works, personal observations, explanations about the meaning of the choreographies, general ideas relating to dance, anecdotes or spontaneous comments.

With this initiative, Gelabert returns to the heart, to the core, to the crucible of his creativity, to the essence of his movement and his presence.


  • Teatre Lliure
  • Gelabert Azzopardi
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