Cesc Gelabert interprets Vicente Escudero (2013)

Premier 18.10.2013 Museo Picasso Barri Brossa, Barcelona.

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Ficha técnica

Choreography  and Performer Cesc Gelabert

Video  Isaki Lacuesta Cesc Gelabert

Video editors Anna Mitjà  Jordi Morató

Music  Carlos Miranda Sergei Prokofiev  Andrés Lewin Richter  Antonio Soler

Costume  Lydia Azzopardi




The proposal was to create a solo as a homage to Vicente Escudero for the festival of Barri Brossa, La Seca Barcelona.

Vicente Escudero, was born in Valladolid and a Barcelonese by adoption, was a unique and multifaceted figure who through his personal style transformed Flamenco in the 20th century by interpreting as an avant-garde figure who reconnected the Flamenco tradition with Cubism and modernity through the vertical geometry of the body.

He befriended many artists, including Miró and the Surrealists in Paris who had a great influence on his work as dancer, designer and painter. Escudero’s belief was that the Flamenco performer could dance the noise of a motor, or a train engine, which gave another dimension to the music and to the dance itself. A ground breaker of his times. I remember the strong impression I had as a child when I saw him perform on TV. He was like a pencil drawing in black and white on the screen; the strength and form of his hands, the electric current running through his body, the tragic expression on his face summed up his perfect poise. This image has always resonated in my imagination. Vicente Escudero was pure line and fluidity.

Cesc Gelabert



  • Gelabert Azzopardi
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