Belmonte (1988) and 2010 in celebration of 30th anniversary of the company.

To be Premiered September 16th 2010 Teatre Lliure Barcelona

Ficha técnica

Coreography / Direction
Gelabert Azzopardi

Original score
Carles Santos

Set design / Costume Design
Frederic Amat

Lighting design
Cesc Gelabert, Jordi Llongueras

Lydia Azzopardi, Dani Corrales, Cesc Gelabert, Virginia Gimeno, Giuliano Guerrini, Jonatan de Luis Mazagatos, Salvador Masclans, Michele Mastroianni, Oscar Pérez, Alberto Pineda, Charles Washington


In celebration of its 30th anniversary as a dance company, Gelabert Azzopardi has revived one of its most emblematic productions, Belmonte, of which it now presents an updated version. First performed in 1988, it is considered to be one of the most influential works in the field of contemporary dancein Spain.

Belmonte is an abstraction of the world of bullfighting in choreographic, musical and plastic terms, which takes the extraordinary personality of Juan Belmonte (1892-1962) as a secret force of inspiration.

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