8421… Viene regando flores desde la Habana a Morón (2003)

Premiered in July 2003 Teatre Lliure Barcelona

Ficha técnica


Lighting / Set design
Baltasar Patiño

Catou Verdier


Viene regando flores desde la Habana a Morón

Carlos Lage, Enildo Rasúa Vall-llosera, Alfredo Reyes, Robin Reyes

Lighting / Set design
Baltasar Patiño

Lydia Azzopardi


8421… attains a degree of abstraction through the String Quartet No.8 in C minor composed by Shostakovich in 1960.

The piece performed by the company conveys a sense of sadness, loss and emptiness.


VIENE REGANDO FLORES DESDE HABANA A MORÓN offers an elated and dynamic performance to the rhythm of live Cuban music performed by four outstanding musicians, Cuarteto Timbanco.

This 40 minute choreography is a celebration of Cuban music and it’s joyful spontaneity. The dancers perform to exhilarating Rumbas, Boleros and Son with technical panache, style and wit.


  • Festival Grec 2003
  • Gelabert Azzopardi
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