Cesc Gelabert – Kukai – International Festival of street theatre 2015 Lekeitio

Cesc Gelabert has created, for the Basque dance company Kukai, an extension of the program Gelajauziak. It is produced by the International Festival of street theatre Lekeitio 2015 and Kukai.

This new project, puts the spotlight on the local dances Kaixarranka and women’s Aurresku.

Kukai and the dancers of the Sokadanza of Lekeitio perform together. The music is composed by  Sabin Bikandi for the new sections and performed live by a group of percussionists.

It commences with the arrival by boat, of the musicians and Kukai, to the music of Bikandi. On arrival to the dock ,Ibon Huarte  interprets the Kaixarranka, with the help of members of the local group of rowers, who support on their shoulders the Kaixa- upon which it is danced.

After a pause, the procession stops in front of the image of San Pedro, where the dance is repeated as an offering. Eventually, all continue to the town square where the rest of the performance is concluded with a Jota danced by all participants.