The company

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Since Desfigurat (1985) Cesc Gelabert has created over twenty-five company works and various solos for himself. The company developed its activities as an international contemporary dance company, based in Barcelona.

The company has been associated with Teatre Lliure, Barcelona since 1987 and since 2003 until 2012 is the resident company, co producing and presenting the new productions.

Hebbel Theater, also was a major co producer and partner during a long and fruitful period; enabled the company to realize many projects, and introduce the works of Gelabert to Berlin.

Gelabert Azzopardi has functioned as an autonomous and independent structure, receiving support and funding from the Catalan Autonomous Government, the City of Barcelona, and the Ministry of Culture, Madrid.

Vision and Aim

Choreographer and solo performer Gelabert sets the style by his personal vision of movement.

His concepts are adapted and worked on the dancer, without losing the personal identity of the performer.

In selecting the dancers, the performers are recruited from different backgrounds with a strong technical vocabulary. Gelabert lays emphasis on the authenticity of movement and interpretation.

The choreographies are based on and inspired by various themes. They do not tell a linear story.

The company has earned a high reputation through the years, and therefore has achieved large and diverse audiences. The aim is to create quality, and bring dance to the widest audiences possible.