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Choreography and performer: Cesc Gelabert
Music: El Güito and his group: Diego Emilio, Antonio Sobera (toque), El Gómez de Jerez and José Mercé (vocal)
Restored and re mastered from the original music: Borja Ramos



Cesc Gelabert (Ciutat Flamenco)

This project arises from a proposal by Israel Galván for the program of  Ciutat Flamenco / City Festival 2016.

Israel’s proposal was a challenge I could not refuse, as I have always been fascinated by Flamenco and Traditional dance.

Soleá is a free interpretation of the legendary version of El Güito.

Borja Ramos, composer and long time collaborator and myself, re mastered the original music from a video of El Güito and his musicians dated 1981.

An important factor for me, has been was his brilliant ‘zapateado’, inspiring and urging me to re interpret his virtuoso style; not being a Flamenco dancer I was excited by the challenge and enjoyed the experience thoroughly.

Cesc Gelabert, 21/05/2016

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Framing Time

Framing Time (World premiere ) White light Festival Lincoln Center 1-2 November 2018 Baryshnikov Arts Center Jerome Robbins Theater Pedja

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Al lloc, inespecífic

In place, non-specific. Cesc Gelabert Dansa Ara in the Pedrera 11/16/2017 It is a work created to be represented in the basement of La Pedrera,

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WRITTEN ON AIR (Gelabert dances Novarina)

Premier Grec Festival de Barcelona 8 July 2016 (teatre Lliure)  The Critics Prize 2016, Barcelona, for best dance solo for Escrit en L’Aire;

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According to Pasolini, football is a language in which players formulate signs with their bodies, and the viewers decrypt. The hybridization of

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