Teatre Nacional de Catalunya 22 January - 1 February 2015

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Conceived and directed by: Cesc Gelabert

Choreography: Cesc Gelabert (with the collaboration of the dancers)

Audiovisual: Jordi Morató, Cesc Gelabert

Original music: Borja Ramos

Costumes: Lydia Azzopardi

Lighting: Conxita Pons, Cesc Gelabert

Dancers: Daniel Corrales, Samuel Delvaux, Lluc Fruitós, Cesc Gelabert, Virginia Gimeno, Laura Lliteres, Lorena Nogal, Alberto Pineda


Directed by: Jordi Morató
Technical coordination of audiovisuals: Albert Coma
Production assistants: Elena Molina y Txema Torres
Photography and camera director: Lara Vilanova
Camera operator: Claudio Frola
Camera assistants: Xènia Pintó e Ivan Romero
Head of production: Elena Molina
Production assistant: Mayca Sanz
Associate producers for La Termita Films: Isa Campo e Isaki Lacuesta
Audiovisual production: La Termita Films SL

Recorded music: Orquesta de Cambra del ESMUC
Musical director: David Albet


Isabel Gualda (flute), Daniel Miguel (tenor saxophone), Abel Batllés (bass clarinet), Oriol Guimerà (contrabassoon), Carlos Leite (trumpet), Pau Romero (1st trombone), Alba Pujals (2nd trombone), Joel Carrascosa (French horn), Joan Pérez-Villegas (1st percussionist), Guillem Ruiz (2nd percussionist), Virva Kuusi (3rd percussionist), Victor Gómez (accordion), Alexandra López (1st violin), Yuliya Storonska (2nd violin), Patricia Torres (viola), Eñaut Zubizarreta (cello), Alejandro Tamayo (double bass).

Additional musicians: David Gorospe (drums), Arturo Blasco (electric guitar), Ruben Amatriain (electric guitar).

Electronics: Borja Ramos

Sound engineer: Juan Antonio Ros

Musical production: Borja Ramos

Recorded at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (Barcelona) and El Cantón de la Soledad (Vitoria-Gasteiz). Mixed and mastered at El Cantón de la Soledad (Vitoria-Gasteiz).

Assistants to Cesc Gelabert: Toni Jodar, Sarah Taylor
Technical director: Conxita Pons
Assistant to Lydia Azzopardi: Paulette San Martin
Production and distribution: Maria Rosas
Administration: Xavier Vigas

Special thanks to: Jordi Camell, Emilio Pérez de Rozas, Samuel Delvaux, Roseland Musical, Isaki Lacuesta, Escola Patufet de Gràcia, American School of Barcelona, CC La Bòbila

Produced by:

Teatre Nacional de Catalunya
Gelabert Azzopardi

Sponsored by Futbol Club Barcelona



According to Pasolini, football is a language in which players formulate signs with their bodies, and the viewers decrypt.

The hybridization of the two languages, Catalan and English form the title of this work, serving the choreographer Cesc Gelabert to present a dual nonverbal language of football and dance established in our culture. Foot-ball, is the chance to see the company decoding some of the iconic highlights of the best players of FC Barcelona, recreated on video by the documentary film maker Jordi Morato and Cesc Gelabert.


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