ADCE 3rd European Creativity Festival: The Hybridscape.

ADCE 3rd European Creativity Festival:  The Hybridscape. Venue: Design Hub Barcelona Creative collaboration and Holistic Performance Creation (September/19/2016) Cesc Gelabert: Choreographer Borja Ramos: Music Composer (In conversation with Jamshid Alamuti) Link to the Hub


WRITTEN ON AIR (Gelabert dance Novarina) Premiere Grec 2016

Written on air (Gelabert dance Novarina) is the title of the new work of Gelabert Azzopardi. It premieres on July 18, 2016 at the Grec Festival de Barcelona. A solo piece, performed by Cesc Gelabert as the result of an encounter between two great creative artists: the choreographer and dancer Cesc Gelabert and writer, painter and stage director Valère Novarina. This unusual collaboration, brought


Spring tour 2014

Spring tour 2014 of Gelabert’s solo V.O + in Spain, Rumania and Slovenia. Please check out the dates on the calendar-and hope to see you there!


2014 La música de la danza, el cuerpo y el instrumento

  Movement  for musicians guided by Cesc Gelabert and pianist Jordi Camell, assisted by Toni Jodar Venue: Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona Friday 21 March  from 18.00 -21.00. Friday 22 March from 10.00-  13.00. For more information click the link below: